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Joe Purdy 10-Jun-06

St. Lawrence Spits Ft. Wayne

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Going in, going out again
Coming up, you're going down my friend
Ain't no use in trying
Ain't no use in fighting, no
Oh, you never win
Who you think you're dealing with?

Oh and up the lazy river
Don't apply today
Rain is coming down quicker
Oh the water's making waves
Got your spit
Who do you thinking you're dealing with?
I think you underestimate me just a little bit

Oh water's breaking your shoulders
And yes it's getting colder
And you boat is sinking over
And you ain't going nowhere

I bet you miss your ship
Who do you think you're dealing with?

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Kaylan 19-May-16

Normally I'm against killing but this article slugthaered my ignorance.

Cherry 19-May-16

Didn't know the forum rules allowed such brilailnt posts.

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