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Joe Purdy 30-Nov-08

Homesick Blues Kent Show

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Well I look down from this eagle
I see Texas lying flat as expectation
I see a million water towers
They mark a million different towns across the nation

And this morning from a train I watched a soldier kiss his sweetheart at the station
We are far from where we?re headed
And San Francisco ain?t our final destination

I got my baby by my side
We are lonesome for the Ozark mountains
To be nestled in the tall grass
With the forest changing colours all around us

And it seems like forever
Since the last time we dipped ourselves in the water
We think about it all the time
But the thinking about it only makes it farther

I wanna go back
Won?t you let me go in?
Fight the devilish cold
And the lonesome wind

I wanna go back
Won?t you let me go in
When I get there
I will never leave again

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