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Joe Purdy 12-Aug-08

Kerosene (My Baby) Schubas

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Beautiful new song, hope it's on the new record!

The audio on this is surprisingly good.

Nashville trucker and the clowns of the summer
With dust on the souls of their feet
The roar of the crowd in the sleepiest town
That the circus has ever seen

My baby she feels like the morning
She?s hooked me like heartache like time
She never grows tired of the water
And she never grows tired of the wine
She?s tough like turpentine

Mad carny?s sons mixed with long barrelled guns
Hide their coat tails in the hay
Cheap metal markets tie bottles and rockets
To ponies painted gray

My baby she?s soft like molasses
Like cigarettes quarters and thieves
When she?s hungry she looks for the garden
When she?s scared she looks for me
She?s hard like kerosene

My baby she?s calm like the lightning
And her fingers are soft to the touch
Just a matchbox, quilt and a camera
My baby don?t ask for much
My baby don?t ask for much.

My baby she shakes when it thunders
And she hides it but not very well
She knows all my (pre)carious secrets
But my baby will never tell
My baby will never tell

And she dances like fresh Spanish roses
And she loves me like candy like rain
My baby she don?t have to tell me
My baby don?t need to explain
My baby don?t need to explain

She calls at midnight on Sundays
When the lights from the big top go down
I?ve been known to shoot out the sunrise
With my baby around
With my baby around

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BillyBob 07-Jul-10

Favourite on the new album! Love it!

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