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Joe Purdy 04-Jul-09

Glory Rock For the River

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"Yeah I wouldn't have it any other way, I like it when people talk when I am starting.
Makes me feel at home you know?

No, no you can talk, I like it."

Leavin? from the water ain?t never easy
Takin? to the city is harder still
Don?t forget your brothers
And don?t forsake your sisters
Because they will take you back when nobody will.

You can have my money
And you can take my guitar
Just make sure you that use them and you use them well

Ain?t nothin? wrong with ramblin?
Aint nothin? wrong with dyin?
Just make sure when you?re finished you got a story to tell

Live Version:
I can see the long train, it's coming down the mountain.
And I can hear the smoke trail, from miles away.
But I ain?t gon' shake dear, i ain?t gon' to tremble.
Cause ain?t nothing you can do on a judgement day.

Take your painted pony and ride up on the hillside
And tell all of my loved ones that I?m glory bound.
Take 16 pretty maidens with 16 pretty roses
Singing pretty to my darling as they lay me down.

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irishgrl 11-Jul-10

i love this song-- esp the live version since it has extra lines. me and my daughter love to dance around the house to this music!!

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