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Joe Purdy 09-Jul-09

The Ballplayer The City Winery

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One shot gone, it was a cold day for the losers
who came down from to Savannah, to play for the weekend.
Don't let them slip away boys, cause they'll catch you if you aint looking.
Keep your mits up and your caps down at the ballpark.

She said "We were both something back then, had the whole word at our fingers
and I still remember the day that they called you up for the big show.
And you could of had me still, no but you never do listen.
You were too busy packing your bags, for the big lights, the big city in the spring"


He said "I thought I was made out of gold, my big games, my big moments.
Till I threw out my shoulder and they sent me back to the Farm League.
Yeah and these days the best I can do, is to keep cold ice on my good arm.
Sometimes it hangs to my side, in these late innings

All of my rambling around, yeah and all of my shamefull days
the biggest mistake I made was to leave you back in Georgia.
I'm just a washed up ballplayer at best, but I did keep all of my earnings.
I still got one good arm to hold ya and one to pay anyone, anywhere you think you might want to go
anywhere you think you might want to go"


She says "It seems so silly now, Lord knows you don't deserve it.
With your lost towns, and the highways, and the young girls and the tears.
But I'll give an old man a chance, one more to see just what your made of
cuase your only as good as a woman, who will wait for you after all these years"

*piano* (I love the piano jiggle)

she said "take me out to the ballgame, take me out to the crowd
yeah and buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, and i dont care if i ever get back
for it's root, baby root for the home-team, if they dont win its a shame
for it's 1, 2 ,3 strikes your out at the old ballgame"

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