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Joe Purdy 04-Dec-10

Angelina The City Winery

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Well don't you just love Angelina
In the sun with her hair long and brown
And don't you just wish you could have her
She's the best looking girl in town

And you talk and you try not to stutter
And you look but you try not to stare
And she walks you by you wish you could touch her
But she don't even know that you're there

And don't you just love Angelina?

I could take you home from the party
You know it's too cold out for walking this late
I will try to play it cool not to blow it
Yeah but you know that these feelings can't wait

Say why don't you come when I call you?
Tell me why don't you whisper my name?
Always acting like I got something wrong
But I think now that you are to blame.

And don't know that I love you Angleina?

The revolver now lies in the backseat
Angelina now lies in the trunk.
Tell me what did you think you were doing
When you shot down the one that you loved?
And you buried her deep 'neath the mortar
And you buried your gun on the hill
You hope that they never will find her
But you know sooner or later they will

And don't you just love Angelina?

Well run past the wheatfields and the backwoods
Better follow the railroad tracks
And you'll take to the sea if they'll let you
And you sail and you never come back
Better keep a sharp knife in your pocket
As you stumble through far away lands
By your heart lies a gold picture locket
And the memory of stained blood on your hands

And don't you just love Angelina?
No don't you just love Angelina?
No no don't you just love Angelina?

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Janese 19-May-16

You're on top of the game. Thanks for shnriag.

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