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Don't Leave So Soon

one day Chloe smiles and says you could be my sailor if you want
she got stars up on her back
tattooed map of all the places she is going
and she once drew a line across the world and back
she traveled with a boy who's curly hair was black and gray
and we met up in a station where the tired trains and soldiers stand in stone
she said I know that you were thinking about leaving
but I hope that you don't

and I sat on a bar stool watching women drinking liquid made of fire
saw a girl from my past who was listening to Bob Dylan sing Desire
yeah and I once knew her well long ago when we were young
we went our separate ways both forever on the run from home
yeah and I saw her walking over Brooklyn Bridge just yesterday
she said I know you were thinking about leaving
but I wish that you'd stay

yeah Boston in the rain the broken tired window pane is soaking wet
and we walked through the park in the dark in waters of regret
in the middle of the night we danced on Mother Goose's grave
we sang our child rhymes praying for our souls to save from the sin
you sat over the corner drying off with your conscience broken in two
she said I know you were thinking about leaving
but just don't leave so soon

yeah well I spotted a gypsy on the hill and she offered me a drink
and I/she laid my head into her lap and so softly she would sing
and I looked into her eyes and I knew she had cast a spell
she'd sing my favor songs until she was sure that I had fell fast asleep
and I woke up in the morning and she tied my hands into her bed
she I know you were thinking about leaving
you just can't leave yet

and we stood under the sky of the cathedral the but walls had gone to waste
and I could see the light reflecting through the stained glass window on your face
yeah but when I turned around Valentine had disappeared
she went back to where she came from and all the people that she feared the most
haven't seen her since that day but I know she did the only thing she could
she said that I know that you were thinking about leaving
but you knew that I would

so we ran through the halls of the museum where the painters used to stay
and we went outside to the black limousines where the funeral music played
yeah but when she heard the news she cried all afternoon
my sleeve is still wet and I could still smell her perfume for days
and days

I wish there was something I could say or something I could do
she said I know that you were thinking about leaving
just take me too

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