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Isn't Love

Well it hurts so much that I scream out loud
Oh my God forbid you could have left me out
Of your wicked intentions, hateful fools to see
And I wish you had not been born, why'd we have to meet?
And I hope this isn't love

So carry on with your cutting people down
She may fall in love as he falls to the ground
And you never seem to care what we feel inside
As long as no one gets near the safes that you hide
And I hope this isn't love
And I hope this isn't love

Last night I had the sweetest dream
That you were nowhere near me
That you could not cut me
That you do not affect me
That I had my sanity
That was just a dream. That was just a dream

So go away, why can't you leave me be?
Because I love your face and you need to hurt me
So back to your native city for it suits you so well
If you never ever care that you never tell me
That you would never tell me

And I hope this isn't love
Isn't love

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