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Strait Jacket

I saw you first when we were young
just playin on the swing
you looked so pretty in the sun
but you never looked at me
time went by and we grew up
you never spoke a word
sometimes I tried to talk to you
but I guess you never heard me

well I was on your side that day
when they called you names
I saw the crow bar on the ground
and I took it to his face
you never thanked me dear
when the police took me down
no you just screamed and ran away
when you heard the siren sounding off

I wish you'd write me a letter dear
address it to my cell
cause I am so alone in here
they say that I'm not well
they say that I will have to die
becuase I killed that man
but I do not regret it dear
and I would kill again

cause when someone causes pain to you
it causes paint to me
if I could have me one last wish
I'd wish that you could see
me the way that I see you
the way that I hold you high
and through you never loved me dear
you loved me in my mind

They put a needle in my arm
they're putting me to sleep
I saw you first when we were young
just playin on that swing

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